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Doc2pdf "freezes" with viewer windows open

The binary versions of doc2pdf are built to run on english installations of Windows. Since Doc2pdf uses the title of the various windows to determine the completions of conversion events, you will need to rebuild doc2pdf to get it to work on non-english Windows installations.  To recompile doc2pdf, simply download the source .zip from the Doc2pdf website download page.  Edit the #define window title constants in doc2pdf_convert.cpp so that they match the titles displayed by your Windows/Viewers installation.

Another common cause for "freezing" is if you have not disabled the "Hide file extions for known file types" as described in step #2 of the installation instructions

Doc2pdf does not correctly convert documents that contain obscure fonts or foriegn characters

The installation instructions do not include instructions to install fonts that might be necessary to convert documents with foreign characters.  The following is a list of tips from Doc2pdf readers that might be helpful: